About the school

Brihaspathi School of Culture is an academic and cultural institution striving to bring about a cultural revival in Sri Lanka. As that requires work in all fields that have to do with thinking, such as: Culture, Folklore, Philosophy, Education, Language, Literature and Arts, Brihaspathi School of Culture envisages itself to be active in all these fields in the near future. On its way towards those loftier goals, it is currently engaged in offering the following programmes to educate and organise people:

Dip. in Lang. & Literature

Every Sunday,
08.30-16.30 Hrs.

A course in Sinhala to increase awareness in the language and literature of Sinhala. In addition to permanent students, interested outside students can attend the lectures of preference just by coming.

Dancing Troupe

Every Saturday, 08.30-13.30 Hrs.

This is an attempt to introduce to young people authentic Sri Lankan folk music and dancing and train them as agents of authentic folk music and dancing within and outside the country.

Music Troupe

Every Saturday, 08.30-13.30 Hrs. 

This is an attempt to train young people in creative artistic music and form a choir of young musicians in order to establish the value of classical and artistic Sri Lankan music within and outside the country.

Poetry Workshop

Every Last Sunday,
08.30-16.30 Hrs

This is a workshop designed for the purpose of imparting into novice poets knowledge of the theoretical aspects of poetry and poetic appraisal in order to help them further their artistic careers.